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I sold my first story when I was in 2nd grade.  Sure, it only went for $.50 and was written in crayon, but a kid in my class bought a story I had written and that moment changed my life.  

I've been writing ever since that day and I want to share my work with you.  Feel free to click around and see what sorts of projects I've got out there right now, along with a possible sneak peek of things coming in the near future.  



Athens, GA



How have their authors buried themselves in the solitude of cells and cloisters; shut themselves up from the face of man, and the still more blessed face of nature; and devoted themselves to painful research and intense reflection! And all for what? To occupy an inch of dusty shelf - to have the title of their works read now and then in a future age, by some drowsy churchman or casual straggler like myself; and in another age to be lost, even to remembrance. Such is the amount of this boasted immortality.
— Washington Irving, "The Mutability of Literature"
Irving Quote